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Discerning residents are constantly seeking ever more sophisticated creature comforts to improve their dream homes, while leading hi-tech companies, responding to demand, have opened the gates of innovation and provided us with a new generation of home automation and entertainment ideas.


Look around your home and take stock of the number of remote control gadgets you are using for television, video, hi-fi, air-conditioning, security gates and in many cases more. Wouldn't it be better if you had just one central control and were able to manage it from anywhere in the world?

This is no science fiction fantasy. Home automation systems are rapidly becoming a major feature of new homes around the world. A new concept in home comfort and security, providing the user with absolute control of every feature of the home with a simple touch screen - and that's only the beginning!

The control of the many functions in your home is managed by a highly sophisticated e-brain, which gives the user limitless options of home automation right at their fingertips. Whatever your lifestyle and needs, the system will be tailored to suit you exactly. Just imagine that you are entertaining at home tonight and your guests are about to arrive. With one touch of your preprogrammed control, your gates will open, the garden and pool lights will switch on, the fountain will start to flow and, if your sprinklers are on, they will shut off.

Lights will come on to guide your guests to your door, going off why they have passed. Your home will be illuminated internally to the exact levels you require to entertain, and music will play in any room you wish to precisely the right volume. As you entertain, the cooker comes on when you wish and, as the evening gets darker, your lights adjust automatically to provide a permanent level of light to suit the mood inside and out. All of this is very simple to a sophisticated home automation system.


And as for mixing the gin and tonic? We're told that's in the pipeline! In the morning, you can programme your curtains to open, your bath to run to the right temperature and level and the kettle to boil. The myriad uses are mind boggling and what is more, systems like these are now available. The different home automation systems can vary in terms of facilities, so, if your requirements are not quite so infinite, there is a system to suit you. And best of all, home automation units are very user friendly. Should you be away from your property, the same control can be managed via the Internet or even with your telephone. Finally, the world really is your oyster.

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